Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

This Month has been one of the hardest Months of my life. It started with a crazy roommate. Okay so she has been my roommate since January, but as time went by she got more and more crazy. Then a good friend of mine has past away. Nigel was a Marine in Afghanistan. He was going to come home next Month but was killed by an IED. I found out that one of my good friends has cancer. Right after my friend died, my crazy roommate broke into Josie (awesome roommate) and my room. Not only breaking into our room but completely broke off the plate in the door frame that keeps your door closed and the hinges were barely sticking in the wall keeping our door up. Since then we have had multiple problems with this roommate. She has stolen a ton from Josie, Larissa (other awesome roommate), and I. She would turn our power off since the power box is in her room. Whenever she was home there was always this tension in the house. After all this drama with the crazy roommate I came to realize that I need to quit my job and find another one right away. I have hated my job for quite some time now and have been wanting to leave but haven't had the courage to. When they wouldn't let me take a week off for a cruise my parents bought me for my Birthday it was the last straw and I knew I couldn't work there anymore. My two awesome roommates have been having a hard Month as well. We have all been really stressed out and tired of all the drama that we had because of the crazy roommate. We finally had a meeting with our Property Manager because she continually steals from us and we are tired of it. She of course denied doing any of it even though when the things that went missing or when our door mysteriously broke she was the only one home. The three of us were either out together or out of town. She was aggressive at the meeting and left with our things. She moved out last week after our meeting. When she left our Property Manager advised us to make a Police report about all the things that are missing as well as the things she has done, that way if she tries to retaliate (which we all believe she will) we will have backup proof that we have had a continuous problem with her. While giving the Police report the Officer (who was very nice and helped us a ton) told us that everything we have described about was Narcissism. He said that we are lucky nothing else happened and that she is leaving. He advised us to get a restraining order against her and change our locks (since her contract is not up she still has a key to our house) because she will most likely come back. He gave us his personal card and said to call him if she does come back. Now we all are in the process of getting a restraining order and have this Officer on speed dial.

After going through this experience I have learned a lot. I tend to keep my problems locked up inside. I didn't tell my family what was going on, my friends, or anyone in my ward. I felt like if I did I was just asking for a pity party. I of course talked about it with Josie and Larissa because they are there for me and were also going through it as well (I don't know what I would have done without their love and support). Even though I would talk to them about it I would try to act tough or brave, like it really wasn't effecting me much even though it was. After keeping it all locked in I got physically sick for a few days. We finally told my Brother and Sister-In-Law about what was going on as well as our ward. All the support that we have received through everyone has been tremendous. I have learned not to keep everything bottle up but to look for help in others and not be afraid to receive it.

The upside to all this is even though I don't have another job lined up yet I feel good about my decision. The crazy roommate is gone and we are going to get our locks changed. I get to go on my cruise which leaves this weekend. Funny how everything always manages to work outs if you just stay faithful and do what is right. So here is to the Month of April and hope that it will be a better one.